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Athletic Training

Hours of Operation:

10:00 am to 7:30 pm M-F

Spring 2024 Physicals: Thursday, Jan 11th @ 6 PM in the Sports Pavilion


Welcome Student Athletes!

It is very important that you complete all necessary paperwork by the deadline to be able to practice or compete with your team. The completion of the electronic SportsWare documentation is MANDATORY to be able to compete and be treated in the Athletic Training Facility.

Forms and Links

Physical Form
SWOL Tutorial Video



 Contact: Susan Houlihan-Davis, Athletic Trainer, 805-730-4159

Joseph Farias, Athletic Trainer, 805-965-0581 x3672

Welcome to Santa Barbara City College!

Please make sure that all required forms are filled out completely and turned in by the deadline. Late completion will delay your ability to participate.

Physical Form -- As a prospective athlete you are required to have a Pre-Participation Exam (PPE). This is offered at school on specific dates prior to your sport or you can go to your doctor with our form. This form must be signed by a MD** and provide his/her office stamp. We do not accept physicals from Chiropractors.

**Per CCCAA Bylaw 3.5.1
All student-athletes shall complete a thorough pre-participation examination prior to any practices or any intercollegiate competitions. This screening shall be performed by a medical doctor (MD) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) licensed and in good standing in their state or a licensed nurse practitioner (NP) or certified physician assistant (PA) who are under a MD's or DO's supervision. A nurse practitioner (NP) whose state licensure allows for health care practice independent of physician supervision my complete the medical examination without supervision by a physician. A MD, DO, PA,or NP must sign the PPE form and include the medical practice/clinic stamp (digital or physical) on the form for verification purposes. (Revised 3/31/23 effective 7/1/23)

SWOL Registration -- This is an electronic data system that allows the department to keep record of the athlete. SportsWare is an OnLine system that allows the athlete, coach and athletic trainer to keep pertinent records of each athlete. Within this system, the athlete needs to make sure the history questions are filled out and printed prior to getting their physical. Also, proof of insurance is done by uploading the front and back of the insurance card on the insurance page. Completion of SWOL must be complete 48 hours prior to competition. Every athlete must fill this out and keep it up to date at all times.

Returning Student Questionnaire -- If you are a student athlete that had a physical at this institution the previous year then you are eligible to complete the RSQ in place of a new physical screening. You must fill out a new medical history questionnaire through SWOL every year. If you are a third year, you are considered a new student athlete and must get a new physical.

HIPAA Form -- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, this form needs to be acknowledged and signed which allows for information about an injured athlete to be discussed with appropriate staff that would be involved with the athlete’s recovery. This includes but not limited to athletic trainers, physicians, coaches and administrative staff if necessary

Consent to Treat -- This form is to allow evaluation and treatment to occur for an athletic injury you sustained while competing for SBCC or at SBCC.

New Athlete Forms                                                                 

Steps for SWOL Registration                                                    

 - SWOL Tutorial Video

Physical Form

Covid Medical Clearance Form