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Hall of Fame

SBCC Vaqueros Hall of Famers

Santa Barbara City College is proud to start the SBCC Vaqueros Hall of Fame with seven outstanding individuals and a state championship team as our Class of 2019. We are especially grateful to all of those who join us for this special event. SBCC has a long tradition of fantastic student-athletes, coaches, administrators and supporters and by founding our Hall of Fame, we can formally recognize the greatness of their legacies. For our initial Hall of Fame class, the committee had a broad database or former Vaqueros to choose from. It was important that for our first class, we chose people who were not only Hall of Fame-level contributors, but also Hall of Fame people. We have accomplished that by choosing Bob Dinaberg, Pat Moorhouse, Bud Revis, Marina Gomez, Debbie Ekola, Booker Brown and Gary Woods; all former players and coaches who are universally respected as athletes and loved as people.

It is our hope that by establishing the SBCC Vaqueros Hall of Fame, not only that we recognize past greatness, but also draw new connections and deepen the existing relationships we already have with our past Vaqueros. There are many stories of people who have gone on to tremendous accomplishments in athletics and in their professional lives after moving on from SBCC. It is common to hear that people attribute their success to the foundations they laid for themselves as students or coaches at SBCC. We hope that our current Vaqueros can fondly reflect years from now on their time at SBCC the same way so many past Vaqueros have. On behalf of the SBCC Athletics Department, we sincerely thank you for joining us to celebrate these incredible Vaqueros and hope that you can continue to support our current Vaqueros as they continue to build on the legacies of all of those who have come before them.


Class of 2020

Tim Tremblay

Don Ford

Jesse Orosco

Cindy Banks

Kieran (O'Leary) Roblee

Kathy O'Connor

Ed DeLacy

1983 Men's Volleybal Team


Class of 2019

Bob Dinaberg

Gary Woods

Bud Revis

Pat Moorhouse

Marina Gomez

Booker Brown

Debbie Ekola

1977 Women's Track and Field 


                                   Alphabetical Roster of SBCC Vaqueros Hall of Famers

Name Category Sport(s) Induction Class
Cincy Banks Athlete Women's Track & Field 2020
Booker Brown Athlete Football 2019
Ed DeLacy Coach/Administrator Men's Basketball/Director of Athletics 2020
Bob Dinaberg Coach/Administrator Football/Director of Athletics 2019
Debbie Ekola Athlete Women's tennis 2019
Don Ford Athlete Men's Basketball 2020
Marina Gomez Athlete Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Women's Track & Field 2019
Pat Moorhouse Coach/Administrator Women's Tennis, Women's Volleyball, Assoc. Director of Athletics 2019
Kathy O'Connor Coach/Administrator Physical Education/Athletics 2020
Jesse Orosco Athlete Baseball 2020
Albert "Bud" Revis Coach/Administrator Director of Athletics, Founder 2019
Kieran (O'Leary) Roblee Athlete Football 2020
Tim Tremblay Athlete Football 2020
Gary Woods Athlete Baseball 2019